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Dan Abrahams works with football club managers, coaching staff, squads and individual players. The video to the left provides an insight into how he helps football clubs and individual footballers. Scroll down to find out more or click the button below to contact Dan.

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Dan Abrahams Working With Footballers And Football Clubs - Football Psychology Expert

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Dan has worked with footballers from the above organisations
  • Shaun Batt
  • Lee Cattermole
  • Carlton Cole
  • Max Ehmer
  • Medy Elito
  • Anton Ferdinand
  • Jeff Goulding
  • James Hurst
  • Richard Keogh
  • Jamie O´Hara
  • Scott Parker
  • Josh Payne
  • Junior Stanislas
  • Anthony Stokes
  • Josh Wright
Anthony Stokes Footballer Richard Keogh Footballer

Helping Managers Win More Games

Football managers can have complete confidence in Dan´s ability to make a difference to the performance of the team - His work helps win more matches. By delegating certain tasks and using his expertise, the end product – as in the results – are sure to improve very quickly.

Dan teaches simple tools for footballers to use in their match day preparation increasing their self-confidence and self-belief for the game ahead. Once the match begins on-pitch techniques increase a footballer´s focus, intensity and work rate, plus their ability to communicate and make decisions.

Working With Individual Players / Team Units

Dan works with both individual footballers and units of the team (such as the back four or front two). In fact this is often how managers begin working with Dan, to see the difference he can make.

Sometimes Dan is required by the manager to remove individuals from the centre of the team to find solutions to problems and assist with off pitch challenges and personal issues.

Developing Young Talent With Academies

Dan works with Football Academies and Centres of Excellence to develop players for the first team. Of course the simple techniques mentioned above are used, but often from a different angle.

With the emphasis on development more time is spent teaching simple tools to speed up technical improvement. And education is also given to coaching staff as well as to parents to assist in the support of young footballers.

Instant Results For Footballers

Dan achieves an instant impact on the performance of footballers - often within thirty minutes of working with them - by simplifying what they are thinking both in the run up to a game and on the pitch during a match. There are numerous techniques that he teaches, including his revolutionary “animal technique” that help a player´s focus, intensity and confidence. Improvements will be seen in the very next match.

Constant Support And Reinforcement

Dan helps improve the performance of a footballer very quickly, but the key is of course maintaining that improved performance over time. Dan does this through his constant support plan, supplying the players with continuous feedback through in-person meetings and the use of multimedia devices.

Helping Footballers Get To The Next Level

Dan specialises in working with footballers over prolonged periods of time, helping them to get to the next level. Consistent strong performances make them more valuable to the team and present opportunities for them to play in higher leagues and command higher wages.

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